Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Try So Hard!

I take pictures  Lots of pictures.  Sometimes I try to get the picture perfect shot, sometimes I try way too hard.  I notice when I don't try as hard, I am usually way more impressed with the pictures.  Yesterday Nicholas came home from school and made plans to meet at the park with his buddies.  Of course Noah and I met up with him later . . .

Of course I brought my camera.  And I was enjoying the fresh air, the sunset, and living in the moment feeling so utterly blessed.  I didn't think too much when I snapped these two photos.  And guess what, they are easily my daily favorites.  Have a look . . .

This is life as I know it . . .Nicholas always in motion, always swingin' away.  I love it, I love the glimmer of the sun, I love him so much!

He smiles and my heart melts.  He is adorable in every way.  Boy do I love this lil' guy!

And there you have it! My two favorite guys in the whole wide world!

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