Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Wednesday

This past weekend was a long weekend for both Jay and Nicholas.  Jay was on a five dayer and Nicholas had both Friday and Monday off.  It's rare that the days work out like that and it was nice to have them both home.  We did a whole lot and then a whole lot of nothing. 

Yesterday Jay and I went running.  Boy it sure has been a while . . .woke up this morning feeling sore; but a good sore.  I'm hoping today I'll be motivated enough to go for another short run.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes.  I've set a goal for myself; I'd like to run 2 miles in 18 minutes by the end of March.  I'm hoping to reach this goal!

I've got lots to do today while Noah naps.  Better get to it.  Just wanted to pop in, say a few words and post pictures from our long weekend.  Happy Wednesday!

Thursday we went to Nicholas' school to browse all the Egyptian Projects.  Doesn't Noah look so proud of Nicholas!

Friday we went to the outlet and the boys went nuts over the hats there.  Noah scored a Nationals hat in his size! 

Friday morning breakfast with the fam-bam! 

Noah being a goofball, as usual!

Saturday at the fields.  Here's to Spring baseball 2011!  Nicholas and his baseball buddies!

Sunday was a lounge day.  Besides leaving the house in the morning for practice, we stayed in all day and Nicholas played PS3 and listened to island music on his laptop :0)

Tuesday's after school snack was a smoothie.  The weather has been warm, warm, warm!

Love these reusable cups!  Eco-friendly baby!

Nicholas looks like such a teenager . . .sigh! 

My youtube babes . . .listening to island music.  Love this picture of the two of them!

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