Monday, February 14, 2011

A Southern California Weekend

Right now, life as we know it, is baseball!  It's so exhausting, so much fun, and super busy.  Yesterday we woke up and went to church and then rushed to get Nicholas fed and back out onto the fields.  And from there, it was, once again, non-stop!

Sometimes I think to myself, what will happen when the boys grow up?  Right now every single moment is about them.  Every decision we make, every dollar we spend, every plan we make is based on Nicholas and Noah.  This isn't a complaint at all, it's the opposite rather; my two boys fill my life with such a joy, such a satisfaction in the life we are living.  I always feel overwhelmingly blessed by the day to day happenings, the big and little things that make my life as their mom so filled! 

After a long Saturday morning and afternoon of baseball practice the boys, literally, fell to the ground and became one with the grass!  They laid there on the grass while Nicholas' travel coach led a little pow-wow about the practice.  It was a beautiful warm day in Southern Cali . . . it was in the 80's.  I was in flip-flops and from a distance I could see the snow-peaked mountains!  Only in California :0)

I really love that all of Nicholas' teamates and buddies are sweet & kind with Noah.  They all love him and treat him like their little brother.

Both boys slept good that night!

 Happy Monday!
Happy Valentine's Day! 

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