Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy - Busy!

It has been crazy busy!  My house is a mess, our microwave is still broken (broken since Christmas Eve), and I am always doing laundry.  It seems like that is the only time I am home . . . is when everyone needs clean clothes.

I'm not complaining at all.  This is usually our busiest time of year - baseball!  But now, it' all x2 because Noah is doing baseball.  Not to mention I'm on the Little League Board, and Jay is still busting his buns working so I can drive everyone around to where they need to be . . .Bless his heart!

Everyone is having fun . . . and I'm happy.  I'm just trying to keep up!  In the last week and a half we have eaten out more than I'd like to admit.  It makes me mad just to think about it . . . But with a broken microwave and constantly having to be somewhere I don't know how I'm supposed to feed my family - besides grabbing something to go.  It's time to pull out the crock-pot!!!

Okay, gotta run.  Another busy day!

After Noah's first TBALL game :0)

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