Monday, March 14, 2011

6 P's

Pre Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

It's no secret that our life is crazy,busy these days.  Every single day of the week we have something going on.  Mostly baseball related.  We are truly aware of where we need to be, what time we need to be there and what we need to bring.  And still it is crazy getting out the door - still we are frantic pulling out of our driveway, still we continue to arrive flustered beyond necessary. 

We need to stop this.  It's madness, pure madness! 

Over the weekend my uncle and aunt visited with us.  They actually came for Nicholas' game and afterwards came to our house to hang out.  It was then that we talked about the 7 P's that he encouraged in his home.  We decided to lose one P just because . . . :0) .  Jay and I really want to try to be more prepared as we embark on such a fun time in our boys' life.  This is just the beginning of having 2 boys in extracurricular activities . . . We need to be more successful in our system :0).

Another busy week ahead.  Here's to a smoother ride :0)

Nicholas at Game #2 of 2011 season.

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