Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Days

Summer feels like it has finally arrived!  The days are much warmer (the nights are still pretty cool, cool enough for a light jacket) . . .  And lately we have been relishing in sleeping in, and just hanging out!  It's been nice; but today, rather this morning I had to wake up early to start up some sort of routine again.

This is the third week of summer for Nicholas and it feels like we are just finally getting to enjoy the easy-going tone of the days.  The first two weeks of summer were still spent very routined because of post season baseball.  And now . . . after a few days of no baseball we are re-entering another round of post season baseall.  Nicholas made the All-Star team for the 2011 season!  We are so excited and so proud of him!  Once again we are back to the fields :0)  We love it, it's fun and we're excited for the days and weeks to come!

Nicholas has been hanging out with friends during the afternoons and it's been nice!  Enjoying time with friends swimming and playing street wiffle ball means less time playing video games!  Noah has been hanging with his brother and skipping naps, it's all good!  This morning we're going to the movies; our local theater shows PG and G rated movies from previous months for $1.  So we're headed there today!  And then later this evening we'll be headed to baseball practice :0). 

2011 Washington Nationals TVALL Division Champs!

Coach lucas talking with the team.  A great coach and team that Nicholas will always have in his book of "great memories!"

Summer Days . . . Love that Nicholas' friends don't mind that Noah "rolls" with the them :0).

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