Monday, June 6, 2011

Always Dream Big

Do you remember, as a young child, what you used to dream about being or becoming when you "grew up?"  Do you remember what it felt like when that dream felt so attainable and within reach? 

Jay and I talked about this at dinner lastnight.  Our greatest wish, for our boys, is that they never lose that feeling inside them.  The feeling of passion to do something wonderful and great in their life.  Children always dream big . . . And then something happens; the reality of life and its challenges quickly filter out those big dreams.  I hope, with all my heart, that Nicholas and Noah go through life believing in their dreams; knowing that they will be the only ones that stand in the way of making them come true. 

With that . . . I just want to share some of my favorite pictures of Noah's last Tball game.  He is truly our "Lil Slugger!"

Leading in the Little League Pledge

Getting Pumped . . .  :0)

Our Lil' Slugger

On first base . . . Look how serious he is! 

Sliding into home plate!

Alligator hands!  Just like Nicholas taught him :0)

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