Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break 2010

Already thinking of next year's spring break . . . Nicholas' school organizes a 5th grade trip to Wa. DC & New York for 5 days during their spring break vacation. I just went to the meeting about it last night and I'm super, super excited. It really sounds like an experience of a lifetime. I'm in the process of organizing a family/friends fundraiser and really hoping, and praying that we can start out strong with our fundraisers!!! My first fundraiser is going to be a garage sale - that way all proceeds will go directly to funding Nicholas' trip. Exciting stuff . . .

Not much happening around here - just hanging out. So for now I'll share this really cute picture of Noah that I took over the weekend . . .

Happy Thursday!!!
I love his hair! It's really fitting to his otherwise explorative nature!

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