Friday, May 1, 2009

5 THINGS . . .

can you believe it's may already . . . it's just about mid year, i can hardly believe that. gees, how time flies. it's the beginning of a new month and i love beginnings . . . so i'm going to try this new list techniques . . . here it is.

i am a list maker by nature, and i always have a running list of things to do. however, i am easily and frequently distracted and discouraged by a long list. therefore i have decided to make a daily list of 5 things to complete. this will serve as encouraging as 5 things are pretty manageable. so this is today's list . . .

  1. laundry, wash, fold, put away & repeat until done!
  2. Clean bathroom vanity
  3. order (5 at min.) pictures for frames
  4. Begin closet organization
  5. Clean floors & vacume carpet

off to complete my list of 5! happy friday. sorry no pictures to share for this post!

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