Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots & Lots of Pictures!

It's been awhile since I've shared some photos. I finally uploaded the latest, here they are and enjoy!

Memorial Weekend

While I was cleaning the loft I heard silence. This usually isn't a good thing when it comes to my boys. But fortunately this is what I found when I peeked in on Noah. Sitting quietly reading a book. :) This makes me happy!

He loves to look at all his books. He loves storytime and is always saying, "Book me?" Translation, "Read to me." Love it!

Here he is, Mr. Motorcycle man! Thanks Uncle Jay for letting Noah ride on your bike! This truly was the highlight of his evening, well that and hanging out with Duke! Noah, you're such a Motorcycle Stud!

The Cousins just chillin' in the back of auntie Sueritta's house. l-r, Samuel, Adam, Nicholas, & Noah!

What handsome little guys . . . Noah and Adam. Look at Noah's feet. He absolutely loves to run barefoot. My true island boy :)

Everyone say "TapOut!" The boys hangin' in the backyard waitin' on the UFC fight to start. l-r Noah, Adam, Nicholas, Kelly, & Samuel

Noah's best bud . . . Duke! It was so sweet to watch Noah play with Duke!

Noah warming up to the crowd at auntie Sueritta's house! Cutie patootie!

This Weekend 5/30/09

Mum mum Judy hanging at our house yesterday after Nicholas' baseball game.

Mommy & Noah cheesin' it for the camera.

Mum mum & her boys. They're always sad when she has to go back home!

Showin' mum, mum some love! Kisses to you!

A proud mum, mum and proud grandson for sure!!!

Mum, mum and her boy Nicholas!

It's hard to get Nicholas to smile! Look at how great he looks when he does. All it takes is a little tickle from mum, mum Judy. And Noah snuck in on this picture. He loves the camera :)

What we did this morning:
It's time to clean at the Charfauros home!

Teaching Nicholas the responsibility of vacuming. He already makes his bed every morning! Next up to learn, cleaning his own bathroom.

Noah doing his part, picking up all his books off the floor. Such a helper boy!

Nicholas letting Noah take over the vacuming. Hmm... why do I get the feelin' this might become a habit of Nicholas' :)

Well I hope you enjoyed the pics. The boys are growing so fast, but one things for sure, they'll always, no matter their age, be mama's boys!
Until later . . .


  1. Well first of all....I want to let you know that I really do envy you. Even though you are the younger are very inspirational. I really have to give it to you….in my eyes you are the Mother of the decade….if there is such a thing. You are so organized in all you do… are so involved in your kid’s life…..don’t get me wrong, I try to be....and I would love to be more involved, but with teenage girls…..they try to do their own thing. I also want to let you know that all that reading you do really shows….you’re a great writer….have you ever thought about being one? I love coming on here and reading your blog and looking at your pics, especially seeing how photogenic your little one is. I can’t wait for Nicholas and my boy to meet…I think they will play well with each other. Nicholas is probably more shy then my boy…..well hello, he is my son….so sometimes he breaks out of his shell. Haha!!!!! It’s funny, because you are living proof that we could take time out of our busy schedule to scrapbook or even start up a website…..of all the great memories we share with people we love and care about and just memories of our lives. Keep inspiring us. Thanks for sharing. Take care. I love and miss you....tell Jay I said, "hello," kiss and hug the boys for me....and send my love to the rest of the family. Love, Phyllis

  2. Hi Misylori, Same here...I love reading your blog and looking at the pictures; especially this time around. My sister looks so HAPPY with her grandsons; she's so pretty and has a beautiful SMILE. Please give her a BIG HUG for me and tell her I LOVE HER and MISS HER. I can't wait for our next SISTER(s)TIME vacation. Give our love to the family and it's always wonderful to see pictures of you all. Love Auntie Kathy

  3. Joe, Celina , Jocely and Jailyne PangelinanJune 1, 2009 at 5:38 PM


    Nice pictures!! Say hello to everyone for us over here on the East side. Auntie Judy still looks the same and the last time I saw Kelly boy he was still a kid now he is grown up and probably would not remember me now. Wish we could have been able to grow up closer. This blog is a great way to keep in touch because we have talked more now. We are always trying to keep up with ours. I see my mom wrote something. well til next time Love the PangelinanII's