Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday's Mud Run

This past Sunday Jay and I ran the Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run! It was, by far, the most physically challenging thing I have ever done. I am so happy to say that I ran in it. I can't explain just how mentally challenging it was . . . I mean it is a given that it was challenging physically. But there were so many times during the course when I'd look ahead and see so much ground that was still left uncovered (we ran hills like nobody's business) and I felt discouraged, I really did! I think for me, it was such a mental thing, and at moments I let it get the best of me. I wish I hadn't and I regret that I didn't savor the fun moments of the race, I was just anxious during the entire thing, trying to push through it, trying to gather my strength, my breath and my courage to stay in the run with Jay.

Jay was so awesome . . . he never left me. And even when I wanted him to just run ahead and leave me (because goodness knows he ran at my pace) he stuck with me. He helped me over the 5 foot walls, he, with every step of the way was encouraging and we ran in through the finish line together. Thanks honey, thanks for being so great to me yesterday and everyday. Our time to finish the 10k (6.2 miles) was 1hr. 27 minutes almost 28 minutes.

Here are some pictures of race day . . .

Jay finishing the race!

Me finishing the race!

Mud Run Accomplished! (fyi, my undershirt is a sports bra)

Yeah Baby!

That's my guy . . . always "all smiles!"

Mud Galore!

So happy I did it, but so happy it's over with!

Happy to see Sherry, Alonso, Adam, & Samuel! Thanks guys for coming to cheer us on!

Us and Adam and Samuel!

My partner in the run and in everything I do!

Me showing Samuel what the toughest part of the course was, Combat Town where all the steep hills were. Kicked my butt!

Me and Jay standing in front of the course map!

Noah congratulating Daddy!

Noah congratulating Mommy!
Good times for sure! I highly recommend doing this run if you're ever in the area! All different levels of fitness were there participating . . . if anything it's an excuse to run through the mud and crawl in it too! And sheesh, if I can do it, I know anyone can.


  1. Way to go, Misty and Jay! Great photos, and a wonderful accomplishment for the both of you. We are very much enjoying your blog, and today’s posting is particularly special. Our best to the family. Newt & Ken Charfauros

  2. Wow, congratulations to the both of you!!!!!! That is a wonderful accomplishment. I'm thinking about it. That means I'm going to have to train my body.....why, didn't I think of this when I was younger and more I'm old and aching more. We'll see. Marc would be Jay.......helping and motivating me through the whole thing. Marc would sure love me do that especially w/Mud. Haha!!!!!! Love you all, Phyllis

  3. Hi Misty, look like you were having lots of fun.


  4. I bet that was fun. You look very physical fit to do those runs; keep it up. I saw Mom in a couple of the pictures. By the ways, did you finish the book COLD TANGERINES yet? Hello to the family and keep those pictures coming, really enjoy looking a them.
    Love, Auntie Kathy

  5. I am deeply inspired ! You both make such a great team [; Congrats , btw .. great bl0g !