Tuesday, October 6, 2009

picture a day thingie!

October 6: Bedtime a little early for the boys . . . I could've parented better today. By the end of today my head was hurting and I was craving serenity and quiet time.

October 5: Baking sweet treats for nicholas' lunch. homemade snicker doodles and andes chocolate mint cookies. we are in cookie heaven :)

October 4: church as a family on sunday! i love when jay can join us. having these 3 guys with me completes me. the are my hearts treasure :)

October 3: the beginning of daddy's 3 dayer!!! his tradition to bring donuts home on the weekends! the boys love it - of course they do - it's fried and sugary with sprinkles on top!

so i'm trying to keep up with my photos of the day. it's fun to do, but today i almost forgot. i'm trying though :)
today was a busy & productive day. i cleaned house a bit, rearranged the living room, dropped off jay's dry cleaning and did some grocery shopping.
i giggled with my kids as i tucked them in . . . (note to self : do that ALOT MORE!!!) i made nicholas laugh at dinner beause of a crazy, silly, sarcastic remark i made. it's good to see him smile. i love it when he smiles. i want to do that more.
i'm tired. been up early. i'll write more later.

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