Thursday, October 8, 2009

try a little harder to be a little better

try a little harder to be a little better are the first words i thought of yesterday morning and the first words i thought of as i climbed out of bed this morning. those words, i mean them for myself - i mean them in a way that there is SO MUCH about me that can be changed, that can be improved. and i really want to work hard at making changes, most of all i want to work on being a better mom, a better parent to my two boys. lately i've been thinking back on my own childhood and the ways in which my parents choices, actions, and attitudes have shaped the person i have come to be . . . i am that person to my two boys and i want so desperately to shape them in the best way possible. so that's what i think now- try a little harder to be a little better.

today is thursday which means storytime! yay noah was so excited when i reminded him of this before bedtime :) it'll be nice to get outta the house - interact with other children and adults. going out and about like that reminds me of how confined we live our lives. we stay home alot - and so the outside influences are so minimal it's almost exciting to go out for an outing :)

thursday is also menu planning time for me and i've discovered this cool blog with some yummy recipes. some i'm super excited to try out. yesterday i put a roast in the slow cooker and it was so yummy - not to mention i put it in slow cooker and let it do its thing all day - prep time, and clean up time were MINIMAL! which is nice :)

i walked nicholas to school yesterday and it was so nice to have the fresh and crisp morning air hit my face. i loved it! we're walking again today and i want to do it more often.

i have my picture from yesterday - but haven't downloaded it. hopefully i get to it today. i've been enjoying taking a picture a day that represents something special or significant that happened on that particular day.

okay, so i'm off to have another cup of coffee, give my dinner menu some thought, and plug in my straightner (think i might get dressed up for the library hehehe)!

happy thursday - and remember - try a little harder to be a little better!

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