Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve, day

up early again. and yet i am still so very tired. why on earth am i up? maybe because i need the quiet . . . the quiet before the house starts to shake with loud, rambunctious "boy" behavior :-)

yesterday was another long day. i was out of the house by 10am and home by 4pm and back out of the house around 630pm and home again by 745pm. then i stayed up and wrapped gifts with nicholas and aaliyah, (noah was sleeping). and i've finished everything - all the wrapping and although i'm exhausted; i feel so accomplished!

i can't wait to see noah's face when he gets to open his presents! he's so used to going to the stores and "just looking" and to have gifts to unwrap that are toys that he always "looks" at is going to be so exciting to watch! this age is so much fun!

and last night, nicholas was watching me wrap his brother's gifts and he was like, "dang mom, noah has alot of gifts! there's not even one for me under the tree." he didn't say it in a mean or ugly way - more like a statement. nicholas is not the jealous "big brother" type at all. (thank God for that!) but the boys both got the same amount of gifts from us - 1 each from mom & dad and 1 from santa. i just happened to be wrapping noah's gifts from his grandma and uncle kelly. nicholas knows that some of his gifts are monetary. but all in all he was a good sport. and come christmas morning - i'm pretty sure he's going to be one happy boy!

this morning i'm going to make my pumpkin gooey cakes. yumO! easy process, easy clean-up, but absolutely delicious!

well the kids are up and about. better get the day started!

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