Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas! it's just around the corner (literally!)

i can't believe that christmas is the day after tomorrow and i haven't wrapped one gift yet! boy i sure am behind. not to mention, i still have some shopping to finish up today. oh my goodness.

last night we went out for dinner - what a treat! but it reminds me of how much love goes into our home cooked meals. i am thankful and grateful that we're not raising our kids on restaurant food.

i don't have much to write about - well actually i do. but just kinda not in the mood to. sorry. but to ease my mind . . . here's what's whirling in my head right now:

  • shop for gifts for, Justin, Aaliyah, Joesiah, Marissa, Kim & Seressa
  • finish buying "white elephant" present (the joy of gift cards!)
  • buy table cloths and center pieces for christmas dinner
  • paper products and food list
  • wrap gifts
  • clean house

off to wrap some gifts, and create a "game plan" list for today!!!

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