Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{cool finds}

the boys (jay & nicholas) were home sick today from work and school. and although i had plans to run errands today, i decided to stick around with noah to nurse them back to good health. they're both feeling much better. i, on the other hand, am starting to feel a little of the body aches that jay was experiencing. ugh!

on a somewhat productive note, i was able to steam clean the carpet in the family room and, of course, surf the net. i found some cool ideas and thought i'd share . . .

homemade heart shaped cookies in a homemade box! i'd love to try this!

i thought this was pretty clever. a cd envelope with a single cookie inside. what an awesome way to pass out valentines!
who doesn't love candy. and what a nice way to package them up!

*update on my project life endeavor - it's going very well. i've had it on my mind alot these past few days and i'm really enjoying the process, and enjoying the little journaling part of it too! i'm contemplating doing something similar with all the photos i took last year, 2009, but in a monthly format.
i'll post my updated "daily pictures" tomorrow.

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