Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{some random thoughts}

today while i was standing in line at wal-mart the lady checking out in front of me pulled out her "go green" reusable shopping bags. and i thought to myself . . . now that is something i need to commit to this year - bringing in my reusable bags instead of having the stores use their plastic ones. so that's one thing i resolve to do this year; think green alittle more when i walk out the door!

while at wal-mart i picked up the first batch of my photos for my project life album. and truth be told . . . i was a little disappointed in how they turned out. the quality (some were from my cell phone camera) and some were just plain dark. oh well. i'm have to resist the urge to "fix" it because it is what it is; besides i'm hoping that through this picture a day process for an entire year, i will become a better photographer.

and just a quick share because it had me smiling each time i thought about it today. a conversation between noah & his dad:

jay to noah, "noah you need to start being a better listener when we are talking to you. if you listen then you won't get in trouble. but if you choose not to listen then you'll get yourself into trouble. so what's it gonna be noah? what are you going to choose?" noah looks right at jay and says, "i choose the blue one daddy." oh for the love of a 2 1/2 yer old :0) needless to say, i bursted out in a laughter that has kept a smile on my face all day!

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