Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Life Tuesday Photos 1/25-1/31

Monday Jan. 25: It was a real uneventful day . . .that is until these two decided to do push-ups and sit-ups right before brushing their teeth and getting into bed.  Too bad their "routine" was short lived. :0) Their workouts have been pretty inconsistent since this day . . . hehehe!

Tues. Jan 26: Jay and Nicholas went out and bought this baseball "contraption" as I call it.  It's called the swing-away and is supposed to develop your swing and hitting the ball in the right place.  Or something like that.  You know . . . boy stuff!  The boys were up until almost 10pm hanging out int the garage with this thing!  I was inside the house . . . enjoying the quiet :0)

Wed. Jan. 27: It was a cold and gloomy day.  Perfect to do a little scrapbooking.  Although I am enjoying this project life album and process, I'd still like to continue on with scrapbooking the boys pictures.  It was fun to get my stuff out and do a couple of layouts.

Thurs. Jan 28: This was the night we were looking forward to all week long.  Hat night, much like the NFL draft.  But for baseball.  And of course for Little League.  We were anxious to see what team Nicholas got drafted to - and it was the Nationals!  We're so excited to get Spring baseball started.  It's always a fun time for all of us!

Fri. Jan 29: Jay took Noah out with him to pick up his uniforms.  I got time to myself!  Yay.  I blogged about it and if interested you can scroll down to read that post. :0)

Sat. Jan. 30: Invited the family up to my house to play some cards.  Auntie Naik, Angie, and my mom came up and we played 3 games of May-I.  It was nice to have it at my house for a change . . .  


Sun. Jan 31: It was uncle Gary's 60th Birthday!  We celebrated it real low key, but lots of fun.  It was nice to see everyone and see Sherry & Alonso's new house! 

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