Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clothing Styles

I have always gravitated toward clean, simple, and classic styles.  I have also joked that all my budget could afford is timeless - classic looks; basically looks that don't go out of style! But really I do just love simple clothing styles, I'm not into all the fluff of things.  Some would call it plain (my mom) but I just like simple. Simple doesn't mean drab and mute. 

I've been eyeing these adorable summer tanks and I just thought I'd share!

Simple tank with a crochet trim.

Love the pleated scoop neck on this tank!

This halter is adorable, even though I'm not crazy about things that tie around my neck.  (An easy fix for this is to sew the straps to the back of the shirt making it a spaghetti strap top!)

All tanks are from Old Navy and right now thru June 29th they are offering an additional 30% Wow!  That's enough to make me think . . . should I just continue dreaming about these tanks or actually purchase one of my favorites out of the three! 

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