Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Interview and Baseball

Today I had an interview; an interview for a teaching position at a private Christian school down the street from my house.  It was a tough interview, to say the least.  There were a few questions in which I felt I did not answer in a solid, confident manner and that makes me feel so bummed.  The questions were of the religious sort, questions that you would expect young students to ask, but I felt a little displaced; and my answers were reflective of that.  I will rely on faith that God will put me where He feels I should be.

On another note, Nicholas' team won their first All-Star game this past Monday!  Yay!  They get a week off before their next game on July 5th.  But, of course, there is no break in practice.  They had the day off yesterday, but pratice resumes today.  I think we're all feeling a bit tired from the in-and-out of the house.  But the hard work does pay off.  Nicholas earned the starting catcher position for his team, but he has had to give it up due to a thumb injury.  For now he is playing out field, and I know that's tough for him because he was so excited for the catcher's position, but we have to have him focus on healing his thumb.  In essence he should be giving his thumb complete rest, but that's not an option for him because he wants to play in the games.   Here are a few photos of this past Monday's game.

The Charfauros Family right before the game!

Introducing . . .Nick "The Bolt" Charfauros!

My boy up to bat!

One of his strengths . . . base running!

And this is what Noah does in between cheering on his brother and making frequent stops to the snack bar.  He surely is all boy! 

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