Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting back to normal feels a little strange . . .

Lastnight Nicholas' team lost their second game; this loss put us out of the All Star Tournament. It has been such a fun and busy 6 weeks . . . today it almost seems weird to not have somewhere to dash off to. Here are photos of lastnight's game.

I love this picture of Charlie, Ryan, and Noah such great young brothers!  Such troopers these past 6 weeks!

Our fan support was so amazing . . . truly a great community to live in!

I will never get tired of watching this boy play; it is one of my favorite pastimes. 

I am so proud of Nicholas; he has really grown in this game.  It is so fun to watch and witness!

His last up to bat for this post season.

The Team clapping it up to the parents!  A great and talented bunch for sure!

And so now we are left with 3 weeks left before school begins.  We have already began planning a weekend camp trip, a trip to Wild Rivers, and beach and pool days to pass the weekdays away.  The way that summer is supposed to be, right?  And yet, getting back to normal feels a little strange. 

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