Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom's Weekend in Temecula

It was a fun weekend, the boys and I enjoyed having my mom over. She came Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday evening. I'm sure we just exhausted her, but I think she loved being around the boys.  And she got a taste of what everyday life is like with two very busy boys in the house. 

The plan was to hit all the home shopping stores here in Temecula; at least the ones that aren't in Oceanside.  But somehow buying baseball catcher's gear was put on the high priority of things we needed to buy!  All in all it worked out, it was an exhausting weekend but in the end everyone got what they wanted . . .

Here are some photos of our outings.  I must say that my mom and Nicholas weren't troopers about me taking pictures.  They kept telling me to put away my camera.  Did I listen to them, uh no!  I kept telling them I was preserving memories . . . and they just rolled their eyes at me! 

Me and Nicholas!  Look at my growing handsome son!  This was the first snapshot of the day, so he's hasn't gotten aggravated with my picture taking yet!

At the sports store shopping around for catcher's gear.

Mom at the Kirkland homestore.  She had a blast in that store!

Mom bought this clock.  Love the color!

This was pretty, love the brick red in this.  No one bought it though.

Eye catching.

Stopping for Jamba Juice.  Nicholas is now aggravated with my picture taking!

So is mom!

Not my little Noah boy :0)

Day 2: Shopping for catcher's gear.  Notice my mom in the background being a trooper.

Thank goodness Jay was with us on the second day.  I have come to realize that it's probably better for Jay to do these types of things with Nicholas.   But can't say I didn't try!

Mom wondering why she tagged along for the second round of catcher gear shopping . . .

Looks like Noah isn't into playing football :0)

It was a filled weekend, but the boys really enjoyed having my mom over.  And mom was such a sport for putting up with all of our antics :0)

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