Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nicholas aka Nick or Charf, but always Nicholas to me . . .

It's bittersweet watching your children grow up. Everyday I am amazed at both the big things and little things that signify Nicholas is growing up, he is changing and right before my very eyes Nicholas is turning into a young man.

Now I know he's still 11 years old, and hasn't quite hit the teen years.  But still . . .he is growing up.  There is no denying it.  Lately it's most prominent in his voice, it's changing.  It's in his jawline, it looks more masculine.  It's so visible in how tall he is; he has grown about 5 inches from the beginning of 5th grade to the beginning of 6th grade.  Crazy!

I no longer have to tell him that he needs a haircut, rather he's asking who can take him to get his haircut.  He washes his face with the cleanser I bought him, and I don't even have to tell him anymore.  It's common these days to see him texting one of his buddies, or making plans to meet up with friends at the park.  He's mentioned playing more than one sport; basketball this fall and football next fall, all the while continuing to play baseball however much he can so he can continue to develop in his favorite sport.  He says he's doing this to open up more opportunities for sports scholarships when the time comes for college.  And yet he continues to be studious in school, although he's not a fan of it.  But he does well, because that's just who he is.  When he mentions to me that so-and-so asked so-and-so out, I am reminded that we are nearing those years . . .those years when boys start to notice girls and girls start to notice boys and suddenly it's not just about baseball  or video games.  And just yesterday he asked if he could have some extra money so he could attend his first school dance!  All this is going on right now in our house . . . all the while music is blaring in the background signifying that we are approaching the teenage years.

And yet every night he still continues to tell me he's going to bed and he asks,  "Will you be in to say goodnight?"  And I do; I kiss him goodnight and say the same thing I have said for the past 11 years . . . "Love you.  Good night, sleep tight, see you in th morning light."  And he still responds, "Love you too mom, see you in the morning light."  At least that hasn't changed.

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