Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Musings

Today it finally felt like the beginning of fall.  We had rain and gloom; so we kept errands to a minimum.  Afterschool we went to Kohls to pick up a few pairs of jeans for Nicholas.  But that's not before I spent 20 minutes trying to satisfy Noah with how his pants would or should fit over his rain boots.  Who knew that a 3 year old could have such an opinion about such things.  I mean seriously I was ready to fling those dang boots across the garage.  I was completely and utterly frustrated.  Noah kept saying, "Not like that.  The tag is bothering me.  Firemens don't wear them boots like that.  It's bothering me.  NO!  Fix it like my udder weg.  I like my udder weg."  And this went on for 20 minutes and I must add, Noah whined through this whole ordeal and even tried to throw a tantrum on the ground.  But I stopped that with my "You better not look!" 

And we finally made it to Kohls.  Noah practically skipped right into the store with the most amazing smile on his face, satisfied with the way his pants fell upon his rain boots.  Gees . . .

That was our Monday.  Nothing much.  Just the stuff of everyday . . .you know, the good stuff.  The stuff I just love! 

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