Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone.  All the preparation and anticipation has ended and now we're catching our breaths.  We have stuff everywhere; our guests have left, Jay is back to work, and I'm anxious to put our house back in order!  Yesterday I received a flyer in the mail that the Goodwill will be in our area next week for donation pick-ups!  Ahh . . . just the perfect time.  I need to do a little of disgarding in every room in the house.

The boys enjoyed their gifts.  Noah was so sweet while he opened each of his presents.  I would tell him who it was from and he'd ever so sweetly say, "Thank you . . ."  He loved every gift he received and he is currently overwhelmed with what to play with!

Nicholas loved all the clothes and money he received!  In fact, we took him out yesterday to pick up a few things with his money.  I believe he had a total of $180 (combination of birthday money too) and he bought himself a catcher's glove, a hitting net, and Noah a sports bracelet.  It makes me so happy that Nicholas is so generous with his brother.  The sports bracelet was $15 and he didn't even think twice about buying it for his brother and with the money he has left after buying all that stuff (it's about $30) he gave it to Noah to buy new shoes.  Super sweet of Nicholas . . .Noah's lucky to have a big brother like that!

Jay and I opted not to give each other gifts.  But Jay cheated and bought me one anyway!  I finally have the point and shoot camera that I've been wanting.  I absolutely love it!  Thank you Jay, you're the best!  We made the choice not to give gifts to each other because we wanted to get new running shoes.  We went out yesterday and shopped around for some good running shoes.  We'll be buying those next week . . .can't wait!  We're also going to sign-up for the Camp Pendleton mud run again.  Can't wait for that.  Gotta start training!

All in all we all received wonderful gifts, in the material form.  But it was such a blessing and the most wonderful gift of all that we were all together.  It was a great Christmas holiday! 

Mommy & Noah before Christmas Eve mass

Charfauros Family before Christmas Eve mass

The boys

Brothers . . .got them to wear a tie! :0)

Milk and cookies for Santa (Noah left Santa Soy Milk :0) )

Christmas morning . . .Noah was filled with such excitement!

Nicholas receiving his sport gear!

One of his biggest wishes . . .a train set!  Thank you mum-mum and Poly!

Handsome boy!  Waiting to eat our Christmas dinner!

Desiree and Angie.  Pretty ladies!

Noah sharing his toys with Ciara!  Iron Man, or shall I say Iron Woman!

Iron Man!

The fam-bam!  Not sure why everyone is tilting to one side :0) hahaha!

First ever stocking exchange and decorating contest!  Good job to all the participants!

In the family room opening gifts and cleaning up and hanging out!  Good times!

Noah and Ciara!

Jay and Nic!

Ciara's posing an extreme funny face!

Mom and the gals!  Kim, me, and Marissa

Jay and I!  Goofing around!

Jay and his parents and sister

Mom, Poly, and Marissa. 

So there you have it . . .the highlights of our Christmas. 

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