Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wish from your Heart

Yesterday was Jay's birthday!  He turned thirty-something :0)  He had to work yesterday and with all this rain I knew he'd have a busy day; so the kids and I waited until a little after dinner to give him a call to wish him happy birthday!  Noah was so excited . . .he asked his dad, "Dad what did you wish for, for your birthday?"  Jay replied, "Oh I just wished for God to bless my two boys and their mommy and to keep us all safe, healthy, and happy."  Noah said, "No dad, on your birthday you have to wish from your heart for a gift.  What gift did you wish for dad?  Like a present dad."  And Jay replied back, "I didn't really wish for any gift."  Before Jay could finish that sentence Noah whispered, "Well we got you a present and it's a  . . ."  He whispered the gift (and thankfully Jay didn't hear what he said) and then covered his mouth.  Too funny! 

Noah can hardly keep a secret . . .:0)


  1. Your Noah can write the Hallmark commercials....sweet innocence!

  2. so funny... he's so cute. Happy holidays guys. The Cruz's...