Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Out-Takes

I have attempted to take family photos a few years in a row. It's not easy, the boys are difficult, and I always feel mad at my family during and afterwards.  :0)  I can smile about it now because we have a whole year before we have to do it again.  Jay says it's harder because I set the tripod up myself and use the self-timer; he's right.  It's hard enough to get my family to cooperate with me, but then I add even more stress to the situation.  Maybe this will be just another memory for my boys, a funny memory they will share when they're all grown up and they say, "Ha, remember when mom used to make us take our family photos . . ."  Yeah, I can just hear it now.  It's never easy . . .but always memorable.  This year I'm a bit more together!  I have actually created Christmas Cards and a letter that I am mailing out today!  I didn't use these actual pictures, for obvious reasons, but I thought sharing some of the out-takes would make for a few good laughs!

In all honesty, my smile is fake . . .I was so mad at Nicholas!  He was beyond uncooperative!

I needed a kiss and a good laugh . . .I was so irritated with my kids and their inability to cooperate!  Thank God for Jay!

Noah beginning to be uncooperative!

This stick was a weapon between the two . . . somebody ended up crying!  Not good!

When one would smile nicely, the other wouldn't!  Super frustrating!

He get the award for least cooperative!

Noah swinging at Nicholas!  Nicholas is such an instigator!

This was the end of the end!  Done!

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  1. Mis,sometimes the most perfect pictures are the ones that are the out-takes. Those pictures are great! You did a good job.