Monday, December 13, 2010

A weekend without kids . . .

The boys slept at my mom's house Saturday night, without me!  Not such a big deal for Nicholas; but for Noah, well this was his first time sleeping without me and away from home.  He did good; and I thought he would.  But my mom said that when he woke up from him his nap on Saturday afternoon he was upset and crying for me.  My mom said that there was no consoling him for awhile, he just kept crying and crying.  I know how that is . . . boy do I know.  Sometimes, with Noah, he just has to cry it out; he's pretty stubborn like that.

Jay and I went to his Christmas party Saturday evening and we had all of Saturday to ourselves.  Too bad I felt like I was coming down with something.  When we got home Saturday afternoon Jay just worked on the yard and I slept until it was time to get dolled up!  Overall it was a nice evening; it was nice to meet and mingle with the people Jay spends the other half of his time with.  Not to mention it was nice chat with the other wives; it was sort of comforting to hear how they're lives were exactly like mine.  The every other day type of routine, the waiting to see if the hubby will be home or stay at work for another shift. 

Sunday I woke up to an empty house.  The kids were still at my mom's and Jay left to work.  I will admit it was nice to mosey around the house in utter silence.  Straightened up a bit, washed up, and left to go shopping.  Ahhh . . . shopping.  I crossed a few more names off my list!  Yay for that!

Here's a pic of Jay and I at his Christmas party.
Me and my main squeeze!  Love him so much!

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