Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A big day . . .

Yesterday was a big day for Noah!  It was his first day of pre-school!  I have him enrolled at the community center 2 days a week for an hour and a half.  It's a program ran by the city and lasts 10 weeks long.  Although it's rather short, it really doesn't matter to him.  All that matters to him, is that he is going to school, like a big boy.  He gets to pack a small snack and bring it along with him while he takes his first steps out into the world . . . all on his own.  He was all smiles, not an ounce of anxiety.  That's such a good thing, I'm so proud of him!

Of course I was the one who was nervous.  As a mom, it's instinct to want your child to be protected at all times, and at all costs.  I remember when Nicholas first started kindergarten; I was always worried about everything!  But he was always fine.  And when things aren't fine, we helped him work through it so he learned to makes things right on his own.  That's what parenting is all about, right?  But yesterday . . .well I was flooded with all those emotions again; it reminded me that sometimes the separation anxiety is as much a parents issue as it is a childs.

Here are some pictures of Noah's very first day as a big school boy!

Sidenote: I realize there are alot of pictures for just an hour and a half time frame.  But what can I say; I wanted to document every single moment.  This was a huge moment for our Noah!

Breakfast :0)

Healthy Snack :0)

Look how ready he looks!  No butterflies in this boy's belly!  Big boy for sure!

Walking into class.  Love that he loves taking pictures!

Unfortunately Jay had to work.  It was only me and Nicholas that dropped him off to school.  Mama and Noah boy getting ready for the big moment of "Good-bye!"

Love these two boys! 

Noah waiting for his teacher to call his name and into the classroom!

Noah settled in very easily.  He walked right into the classroom and didn't look back to, even once! 

One last snapshot before I leave him :0(

Pick-up time.  Waiting to be dismissed!

"Bye Miss Cathy, see you next time!"  For the record Miss Cathy said he was very sweet.  I happen to agree (wink,wink).

Noah had a great day!  Yay for Noah!

There was no fight to go down for nap. 

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